Ding King

Ding King was originally designed for technicians to remove dents in difficult to reach areas. It soon became “The Bodyshop’s Secret Tool.” Now the secret is out. With Ding King, anyone can remove dents and dings from any car, in a matter of minutes.

One Touch

With the One Touch Can Opener opening cans of any size is as simple as pressing a button and there’s no more sharp edges! Just place the one touch on top of the can, press the button and the can will be open in seconds. When cutting is complete just lift

Pasta Pro

Pasta Pro is as easy as 1-2-3!! Just place your favorite pasta into the Pasta Pro. When ready, turn lid of the Pasta Pro to the locked position. The Pasta Pro will let you pour the water out, keep the pasta in!


Easily light up the dark spaces in your home with Quik-Brites! Quick and easy installation. You’ve got the light you need, wherever you need it, automatically! No nails, screws or bolts are needed to install Quik-Brites. Just peel and place for fast and

Smart Spin

The Smart Spin™ Storage System conveniently organizes all of your containers and lids, right at your fingertips. Its unique patented design slides forward, then spins a full 360°, for easy selection.

Urine Gone

Urine Gone™ effectively removes new or old stains and odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture. Urine Gone™ works just about any washable surface or fabric! Just darken the room and use the included Urine Gone™ “stain detector” black light to show urine messes. Spray Urine Gone™ on and let it dry. Urine Gone’s™ enzyme action immediately goes to work. Making stains and odors disappear, Urine Gone™ keeps pets from re-marking their territory. Clean and deodorize with Urine Gone™. Urine Gone™ makes odors go away. Urine Gone™ isn’t only for pet messes! Use Urine Gone™ in the bathroom too!