Nature’s Pillow, Inc.

Natures Pillows, Inc. was founded by Media Enterprises Inc.’s co-owners, Bill McAlister and Brad Specter in 1994. This company was borne out of the necessity to manufacture, import and warehouse DRTV products developed by both Bill and Brad. Today, Natures Pillows has grown exponentially with production and distribution both domestically and internationally.

The Sobakawa Pillow was the 1st of Natures Pillows adventures. Wills over 1 million buckwheat husk pillows (Sobakawa Pillow) on HSN, Bill produced his 1st long for infomercials. With the successful roll-out on TV of the pillow, Brad then brought the pillow to retail. Today, over 10 million pillows have been sold through TV, mail order and retail distribution in many continents. The Sobakawa Pillow remains as an integral part of Natures Pillows item distribution.

As the success of the Sobakawa Pillow developed, Natures Pillows grew into one of DRTV’s leading company’s in the production, warehousing and distribution of hot TV products. Since the pillow, Natures Pillows has enjoyed many home run items such as:

  • Ding King
  • GS27
  • Tan Perfect
  • Atkins diet videos
  • Bun and Thigh Max
  • and most currently Urine Gone

As Natures Pillows grew, then need for working capital became paramount. Natures Pillows enjoys a cash flow healthy company, along with strong banking and financing relationships which has allowed Natures Pillows the backbone for strong and continued growth.

“Natures Pillows has grown beyond my belief. Bill has done a great job in product selection, while I have meet the challenges and opportunities from Bill’s TV hits to finance and manufacture his products for mail order and retail distribution. We are a team that over come obstacles and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.”

— Brad Specter

Once we married Natures Pillows financial and production capabilities with that of Media Enterprises superb sales staff, both companies have flourished.

“It is important for any production company to have a straight line into sales. This way, as demand increases, we react immediately. As demand softens, again Natures Pillows can react on a dime.”

— Brad Specter