Corporate Backgrounds

  • Media Enterprises, Inc.
  • Natures Pillows, Inc.
  • Direct Response, Inc.


      Through a vertically integrated web of Direct Response TV (DRTV) related companies, all owned equally by Brad Specter and Bill McAlister , this group is able to create TV marketing campaigns, finance, manufacture, warehouse and distribute direct response products, and sell into the international mail order and retail market place.

      With the main office located at 2607 Interplex Drive, Trevose, PA (just outside Philadelphia) and a satellite office in Orange County, CA, headed by National Sales Mgr., Mary Hicks, these companies can achieve outstanding results for any TV marketer or marketer-to-be.

      Whether it is producing a Direct Response TV campaign, Direct Response, Inc. has an unbelievable success rate unequaled in the DRTV market place. Or financing, manufacturing, warehousing, performing all accounting functions, EDI retailer Interchange, product assembly, pick packing and shipping, Natures Pillows, Inc (NPI) can maximize your return on inventory investment. Or, if retail and mail order distribution is your need, Media Enterprises, Inc. staff of professional sales teams can get your inventory investment in front of the customers quickly to maximize your backend retail sales.

      Bill McAlister and Brad Specter have spent over 17 years perfecting a method of getting a product to market through multi-channel marketing and distribution. Their successes speak for themselves.


      Media Enterprises Inc., a sales and marketing company of “As Seen On TV” Products was created in 1992 by two partners Brad Specter and Bill McAlister. They are two bright professionals with a combined 45 years experience in on-air marketing, manufacturing and consumer product sales and distribution for the niche retail market and mail order placement of direct response TV products in both long form and short form formats. From the start, their mission was to push the envelope of conventional sales and marketing practices to achieve quick retail and mail order placement and a superior level of quality, communication and excellence.

      Media Enterprises has a national sales group network which canvases the entire retail and mail order community. From Walmart to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond to Linens N Things, Walgreens to CVS and everything in between. Media Enterprises sells products from almost all major As Seen On TV marketers, as well as their own creations to all retail and mail orders companies.

      Media Enterprise is also a participant and exhibitor in all major product merchandise shows such as: Housewares Show, Pet Shows, Hardware Show, Drug Store Shows, and Automotive Shows. This allows for the products they manage to be seen by every retailer and cataloger large and small.

      Award Winning Products and Marketers such as:

      • From Natures Pillows: Urine Gone, Forearms Forklift, Ding King, Sobakawa Pillow and Vidalia Slice Wizard.
      • From Harvest Direct: The One Touch Can Opener, Smart Spin, Quik Brites, Pasta Pro, Perfect Pancake Maker.
      • From National Express: The Chop Wizard, Betty Crocker Bake N Fill, and the Betty Crocker Cake Decorating Kit.
      • From: For Life Products: Rejuvenate Hard Wood Floor Restorer, Bonaire Air Cleaners
      • From: Starz Entertainment: Yoga Booty Ballet, 10 Minute Workout Solution
      • From Razor Scooters: Electric Ride-On Scooters

      Media Enterprises is a TV product owners dream. It is a turn-key operation for those who need instant market placement with long term brand building always at the forefront.


      The firm diversified in 1996 with the introduction of the Sobakawa Pillow which became an instant hit on Infomercial, Home Shopping Network, Mail Order Catalogs and retailers internationally, A new company was born, Nature’s Pillow, Inc (dba NPI), under the ownership of Brad Specter and Bill McAlister and the everyday oversight of Brad Specter. NPI now finances, manufactures, warehouses and distributes its own TV products and products from other TV marketers who do not have the where-with-all to do what is needed to bring a product to market.

      NPI is a vendor of record at every major retailer. They are on line with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to receive purchase orders from retailers, capturing up-to-minute sales, full accounting abilities direct to the retailer through EDI. Electronic retailer inventory management and a direct line to the retail buyers for quick, fast item placement.

      Natures Pillows contracts with a private warehouse located in Richmond, Virginia, Houston Manufacturing. Whether the need is to pick, pack and ship or assemble and box ready to ship, Natures Pillows is able to manage inventory to maximize merchandise turn, so you money is not tied up in inventory.

      Through an expansive banking relationship with Sun National Bank, this long standing banking relationship allows for project funding, accounts receivable funding and inventory funding. This is all made available to fund any projects needs. Multi-million unit projects funded by Sun Bank include: The Sobakawa Pillow, Ding King, Tan Perfect, Urine Gone, Chop Wizard, Slice Wizard and Forearms Forklift.

      Natures Pillows maintains an accounting staff of 4 professionals with an outstanding 99% current accounts receivable. Due to NPI’s expertly trained professions, NPI can generate over 100 invoices daily, commissions generation for over 70 sales reps, accounts payable management, EDI transacting, and purchase order / inventory management.

      Natures Pillows does it all. Just pick the tasks you need, and let Natures Pillows do the rest.

      Direct Response, Inc.

      Soon after the creation of Natures Pillows, the management and ownership team, Brad Specter and Bill McAlister, they saw the need to produce their own TV direct response spots as will as develop products for the on-air giant Home Shopping Network.

      Today, Direct Response, Inc., is the father to many infomercial and spot products such as: Sobakawa Pillow, GS 27, Smart Chopper, Tan Perfect, Ding King, Urine Gone, Slice Wizard, and for Home Shopping Network Toni Brattin Hair Extensions and Jessica Simpson Wigs and Hair Care, Tan Perfect and much more. Direct Response, Inc. is under contract with most leading infomercial producers, script writers, film houses, and media buyers. These relationships allow for a TV and print media campaign that will lead to a strong retail back-end.

      Headed by Bill McAlister, his creativeness and understanding of the direct marketing customer has allowed for his instant success ratio of about 90%. This is well above the industry average. Bill gets involved at every level. He is part of the product creation, the marketing demonstrations, the script writing, the filming and editing and media purchasing.

      The goal if Direct Response, Inc is allow for a product inventor or owner to market their idea’s and products with best team of experts in the DRTV field behind their projects.