Brad Specter

President of Retail Distribution and Operations – Media Enterprises, Inc., Natures Pillows, Direct Response, Inc.

Exuding a quiet confidence and enthusiasm, Brad Specter serves as President of Retail Distribution and Operations for Media Enterprises, Inc., Natures Pillows, Inc and Direct Response, Inc.

At age 50, Brad is a Cherry Hill, NJ resident with over 25 years of experience as a successful retail buyer, merchandise manager, sales manager and then establishing himself with little fanfare as a formidable figure in the DRTV industry.

Prior to co-founding Media Enterprises, Inc. in 1992, Brad distinguished himself as a leading buyer and merchandise manager for the QVC Network. Brad started with QVC at its inception and as a core contributor to the fledging TV home shopping network. He oversaw the product purchasing and on-air marketing of all hard line products. In addition, during Brad’s last 2 years with QVC, Brad was responsible for the development of TV advertised products and the making of strong relationships throughout the DRTV industry. From there, Brad developed a strategy for taking products marketed on TV to catalog placement and retail placement. “As most of us in the DRTV industry have found out, the carrot is really at the end of the Stick. A successful TV campaign could and should sell between 5 to 10 times that of which is sold on TV”. Brad recognized this correlation over 15 years ago while developing QVC’s products and the same relationship between TV media dollars spent and sales at retail.

As a principal of the dynamic Media Enterprises, Inc., Brad is responsible for all strategic planning and implementation of national catalog and retail sales. Here again, it is largely to Brad’s credit that Media Enterprises, Inc. has achieved its early success with products on the shelf in over 100 retail establishments and placed in more than 40 catalogs. “Over the past few years, we’ve built Media Enterprises up to become a top tier player in retail distribution for the Direct Response TV industry.” Brad explains. “We’ve done it very quietly but those who know us, recognize that our first commitment is to achieving the highest level of quality and service that can be found anywhere in the infomercial industry today.”

In addition to his merchandising duties at Media Enterprises, Brad also handles the day today operations and financing of all 3 companies which he co-owns, Nature’s Pillows, Direct Response, Inc. and Media Enterprises, Inc.

With the introduction of the Sobakawa Pillow in 1996, Natures Pillows, Inc (D.B.A. NPI) is now a strong and thriving product sourcing, Warehousing and distribution company. “When my partner, Bill McAlister, President of Product Development and On-Air Sales, comes up with a new product, then makes that product into a TV success, my job begins. The task is to get the best quality product, at the best price and get it to retail market as quick as possible.”
Not only does NPI do this for their own products, but they work with manufactures and TV marketers of other products and take charge. Natures Pillows will evaluate any strong TV product, finance the manufacturing, organize the warehousing and through a second-to-none sales staff get retail placement fast.

Today, Natures Pillows, Inc. is one of the largest manufactures and distributors of TV advertised products. If you are looking for their full services, from financing to retail distribution, or just a part of what they can do, Natures Pillows is the place to go.