Bill McAlister

President of Direct Response Sales & Product Sourcing

Well known for his innovative style and strategic acumen, Bill McAlister serves as President of Direct Response & Product Sourcing for Media Enterprises.

A 24-year veteran of the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of consumer products,
Bill began his career at QVC where he was the exclusive importer of all non-clothing and non-jewelry items for the first 5 years of QVC. He then founded Media Enterprises and became a vendor of Home Shopping Network and has been for the past 19 years. During this time, Bill has brought HSN some of the most successful products the network has ever had. The taplight sold over 2 million units and the Sobakawa pillow is the #1 selling pillow on HSN and has sold over 1.3 million units since it’s introduction 6 years ago. Other successful products include the following: Turbie Twists (1 Million units), Quick N Brite, Quick Chop. In 2002, Bill introduced the Toni Brattin line to HSN and since then over 3 million pieces of hair have been sold along with our beauty items such as Lip Secret & Tan Secret. Most recently, Bill was involved with the Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves Hairdo line. Overall, Bill has sold over $1 billion worth of items.

As a co-founder of Media Enterprises, Inc, Bill has directed his energies exclusively on the Direct Response TV arena. This singular focus has resulted in the successful development of innovative, new TV marketing formats for a host of popular, new products.

Aggressive and resourceful, Bill specializes in finding products, developing marketing strategies and then implementing the plans. His success stories include dramatic wins in both short and long form TV advertising and home shopping sales. In fact, it is the sweeping scope of his on-air marketing background that makes him such a successful player in today’s demanding DRTV industry.

As a principal officer of Media Enterprises, Inc., Bill drives the development of marketing concepts for new products. These include all forms of Direct Response TV exposure, on air talent selection and even product manufacturing.

“At Media Enterprises, we do things a little differently. We have seen the DRTV industry grow up to encompass much broader markets and more sophisticated audiences and we’ve strived to establish new standards of excellence at every step along the way”.

— Bill McAlister